New and improved design!
Create an above ground sprinkler system at a fraction of the cost of an underground sprinkler system
Protect your grass from garden hose burns during the summer months
Elevates the garden hose slightly above the grass
Setup your garden hose to water the lawn while away on vacation


For the times when you want to leave the garden hose across the lawn and do not want to leave lines or the yellow line of death on your grass. Whether you have a drip irrigation system or just want to water the lawn (damage free) while you are away. This is the solution at a fraction of the cost of any other on the market today.

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Please consider purchasing an automatic watering timer, soaker hose(s), garden hose(s), and sprinkler(s) for your property. Use these in concert with Garden Hose Snaps, this allows you to avoid reeling in your hose to avoid lawn damage. Feel free to leave the hoses out as long as you desire.

how it works

The Garden Hose Snaps allow the garden or soaker hose to hover slightly above the ground. They can be spaced 2.87 to 3 feet apart depending on the terrain. They “snap” onto the hose and small children can not easily remove them. The garden or soaker hose will never touch the ground. This way the roots of the grass can never be damaged. You turn your existing lawn care investment into an above-ground sprinkler system.

Why Hose Snaps?

Anyone who owns multiple properties, will immediately see the value of not having to reel hoses in and out, to maintain the lawn. If you travel and would like to water your own lawn and garden while away, this is the solution for you. Some homeowners would like to run the hoses and not have to move them again. The Garden Hose Snaps give you the flexibility of managing your hoses the way you want without fear of damaging your lawn investment.

hot garden hose

In the summer, your garden hose temperature can be close to 120 F -- a temperature capable of killing the grass underneath it. This is called the long yellow line of grass death. In some cases within 15 minutes your grass can be burned – to death. The Garden Hose Snaps ensure this never happens. Also, elevating the soaker hose allows you to optimize the performance and protect it from damage by digging with a shovel.

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